Thursday, October 15, 2009

  • Amazing! It's the only word I can think of.
  • Why? Simple.... When Allah has included you in His guests list, He makes it happen.
I and wife spent as usual. Tak de la nak cut expenses. Tapi rezeki tu ada aje. Siap boleh tukar kereta lagi sebelum pergi.

So, tak semua yang berduit tu boleh pegi AND tal semua yang tak berduit tu tak boleh pegi.

Flight on 23rd May 2009 on Qatar Airways at 0335 hrs. We had to be at KILA by midnight 22nd May 2009. It meant that we had to leave house around 10pm.

I arranged my usual airport LIMO driver to fetch us at 10pm. But Allah permitted us to go not without a test.

At 8.30pm our house blacked-out. Puas jugak la telefon TNB. Susahnya sebab my gates are electronic and without power they can't be openned. Manually memang boleh tapi nanti susah lah my father nak "engage" kan balik.

Finally at 11pm the power was restored. And off we went leaving our three kids behind with my parents. We have never left them before. So you know very well how we felt. But Allah was great. Dia hilangkan perasaan sedih almost instantly.

We arrived at KLIA 45 minutes later and met with the other members in the group. 40 of them, none that we knew. Our agent, Hjh. Ruhani was also present.

After hassle free check-in process, we made our way to immigration and on to the gate. At 0335 we departed to Doha, the capital of Qatar.

And the journey I never thought would make at this young age began....